Which is Best WooCommerce Product Import Plugin

Best WooCommerce Product Import Plugins

When it comes to handling Woocommerce stores, backup is one of the most critical part. There are many wordpress plugins which helps you in keeping backups. Backupbuddy, Backitup are few of them. But they are designed specially for WP and not woocommerce. As a result they lacks inclusion of some of the complex situation of it. Not all WooCommerce stores are same. Many have thousands of products. While many have millions of product variations with their attributes. This led us to create a list of best woocommerce product import plugins currently available in market.

There are many conditions where you will need to import products in your store. For example, you are shifting your store from one domain to another. Import is also necessary during your server crash. Hence keeping backup of all your products ready all time is of utmost importance. To keep your life simple, we have many product import plugins available. Some of them are premium ones but there are free ones as well. Here we are going to cover all of them with their pros and cons.

  1. WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Extension

WooThemes has come up with this plugin to provide their users a great way to handle product imports. When we shifted our website from WooGang to GPL Chimp, we used this plugin. It is the simplest yet powerful plugin. It supports importing thousands of product with all necessary data like attributes and variations. Export feature of plugin which is necessary for routine backup of all your data. Furthermore it also allows you to remap all your data.

We highly recommend this plugin to every WC store owner because it is endorsed by WooThemes and also come with support.

This plugin is available at GPLChimp.com for just $15.

2. Import Products from any XML or CSV

WPAllImport WooCommerce Addon

WP All Import is the biggest source of all your import export need for wordpress. They have huge collection of plugins. They also provide support to many third party applications like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and so on. WooCommerce Addons for WP All  Import is on second number of our list. Some of the key features includes:

  • Import thousands of products to WooCommerce from any XML, CSV, or Excel file.
  • All WooCommerce product type and options are supported.
  • Support both XML and CSV files.
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce interface. Hence it is very user friendly.
  • Easy mapping of product data with side by side display.

3. Product Import Export Plugin from XAdapter

This plugin from XAdapter is gaining popularity recently. So we decided to give it a try. At first look, we are quite impressed with the quality of work. One of the key advantage of using this plugin is that it comes with various filters. Hence you can selectively export and export products. For example, it allows you exporting products from one specific category only. This is useful when you are mass importing new specific category products only. It also gives you choice to update or skip existing imported products.

WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin

4. WP Ultimate CSV Import Pro by Smackcoders

Smackcoders has very nice tool for WP import. As it is not specifically developed for WooCommerce, we are putting it on forth number of our list. But for wordpress imports, it is definitely the best plugin.

Best WooCommerce Product Import Plugins: Final Conclusion

All four plugin are good in importing products. They all have same function but have different user interface. We loved the way Product CSV Import suite mainly because its simplicity and user friendly features. Other advantages include robust compatibility with WC and support from woo team.

You can purchase import plugins below or become club member to access all of them for monthly $15.

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