Best WooCommerce Product Reviews Plugins

Best WooCommerce Product Reviews Plugin

WooCommerce has very handy review system built into its comment system and works perfectly. If you are looking for simple review system, you do not need anything more than bundled feature. But we all know that just showing simple star ratings and text review may not serve purpose for all stores. Furthermore, reviews can be of great importance if used properly. For example, Amazon uses review system to increase content of product page, increase visibility in search engine and so on. With new google rich snippet feature, these reviews can stand out your search result in crowd. Furthermore you can always enhance review system by providing discounts and increase your sales numbers. But for that you may need to increase existing functionality by using one of the following plugin. So we have compiled list of best woocommerce product reviews plugins for you.

So which are best WooCommerce Product Reviews plugins?

Here is a list of few of the great reviews extensions that works with WooCommerce products.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Plugin


This is by far the best review extension. It is one of the most exhaustive product review extension in market. Probably after using it, you may never have to look for another extension. Further is is distributed by official woocommerce store and hence regularly updated. Has huge list of features and some of the key features includes:

  • Integrates seamlessly in existing woocommerce review system
  • Create as many discussion types to suit your webstore
  • Review qualifiers for more detailed reviews
  • Attach photos and videos to product review
  • Review filters and sorting
  • Allow customer to vote reviews- upvote or downvote

Get WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin here

YITh WooCommerce Advanced Reviews


After official woocommerce repository, YITh has the best quality woocommerce extensions available. We are also very much impressed with the regular updates and customer services from them. We have recently looked at ther review extension and found it to be equally good to previous one. Key features of the plugin includes:

  • Convert standard reviews in YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews new format.
  • Add rich snippets to the reviews.
  • Let your customers add a title when writing a product review.
  • Let you customers attach some image as attachment to the product review.
  • Choose how many files can be appended for a single product review.
  • Add review summary bar with statistics about how many times a rating of 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars was submitted.
  • Customize look and feel.

Get YITH WooCOmmerce Advanced Reviews Plugin here

WooCommerce Reviews for Discount

Providing discount code to your customer on leaving review can be a great marketing strategy. THis will not only just encourage customer to leave review but also can increase repeat purchase. It will speed up review on your webstore and hence you can gain good visibility in search engine. After your customer leaves feedback, a coupon will be emailed to him/her automatically. You can predefine, discount parameters in back end without touching a single code. Get a copy of plugin here.

Similar plugin is developed by YITh and is available here

WooCommerce Advanced Product Reviews

This plugin from codecanyon comes with some great features like:

  • Create unlimited custom fields & comments forms
  • Easy to create forms with drag and drop options
  • Subscribe to a comment with/without commenting
  • Email notification of new comments with custom fields
  • Pinned comments to feature the best comments
  • Like/Dislike comment

Download here

Few other Product Reviews extension available

You can also look at some other good extensions like import export of product reviews & Yopto social reviews


Product reviews are an important part of WooCommerce and we can not ignore power of customer feedback. Also data suggests that majority of customers look for product reviews before making purchase. Hence provision for good review system is must for all woocommerce store owners. Official plugin from WooThemes cover almost all features you will ever need in review system and hence is on the top of list here.

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