Best WooCommerce Shortcodes Tutorial

WooCOmmerce has been developed taking full advantage of what wordpress hooks and filters has to offer and also comes bundled with many many shortcodes for you to use them as and when needed. But still many of our customers and visitors still are not aware about their existence and also about how to use them. If you Google for shortcodes you will come across many websites describing all the shortcodes for you and hence we will not be going into details of these WooCOmmerce Shortcodes. Instead we will be looking at various WooCOmmerce Shortcodes Extensions that will change the way you use woocommerce and also make your life extremely simple and easy.

Here are some of the most useful shortcodes for you listed with real life examples.

How to display featured products using woocommerce shortcodes?

To display featured products using shortcode, first of all you need to define which products are featured one. And once you have labelled them with featured tag, simply take product ids from manage product dashboard.

Here we have two products with featured products labels with product IDs- 1400465 and 140462.

So display them using shortcode we will use simple shortcode [[ featured_products ]] (***please remove outside bracket before using any shortcode displayed here)

And the end result will be as follows

Now there can be number variations to it. You can control display by various arguments. For example

If you want to just show 2-3 products, use per_page= “2”

If you want to control number of columns, use columns=”3″

If you want to define order, you can do so by using order=”desc”

In the above example now we will add all these

[featured_products per_page="4" columns="2" orderby="title" order="desc"]

And end result will look like below

Some of the best WooCommerce Shortcodes Extensions for you

First and foremost one of the best WooCommerce Shortcode Extension is the one which has been developed by woothemes itself and gives you a visual editor button from where you can access all shortcodes woocommerce has to offer. This plugin used to be integral part of woocommerce earlier but latter they decided to remove it from woocommerce and instead offered this extension. It is quite surprising that eventhough WooCOmmerce has more than 5 million downloads, this extension has been downloaded just around 8000 times.  ANyway but we still recommend all our users to use this free extension to get easy access of all woocommerce shortcodes right in your visual editor.

WooCommerce Shortcodes



Download hosts many of other plugins for WooCOmemrce SHortcodes but we could not find any other to mention here except one which has been developed by ithinx and called WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes Plugin

This plugin gives you some of the powerful shortcodes to play with your coupon functionality. It gives you first few shortcodes which determines weather your customer has applied coupon or not and based on this you can display them different contents by wrapping them in the shortcode. It also gives shortcodes to display coupon codes and also to display coupon information to your customer. And using combination of these shortcodes, you can display coupon to someone when they become eligible for coupon. For example if you set it up as when a customer’ cart has more than $50 – display coupon.

This can be a good marketing strategy and may provide incentive to your customers to add more items in cart.

WooCommerce Coupon Shortcode



And now there are few paid options which are available at Codecanyon if you are interested in spending little to increase functionality for woocommerce.

WooCommerce Shortcodes Products by Categories: As such woocomemrce has in built shortcodes to display products from certain category but it does not give control over few of the best ideas to display your products like featured products in category, best selling in category, recent in category etc.. This plugin adds 5 new shortcodes to display products depending on their status on specific category page. It can be very useful to show your customers/ visitors what others are buying from your website and may enhance your conversion. The only disadvantage is that it is premium plugin and comes with price tag.

WooCommerce Shortcodes Product by Categories



WooCOmmerce Shortcode for Visual Composer  and WooCOmmerce Shortcode Extender for Visual Composer are two of the extensions available on Codecanyon are also worth mentioning here as both of them have been developed for Visual Composer which few of our customers and visitors use. These are only two currently in market and hence all Visual Composer lovers are the only options. Amongst these two latter seems to be better choice.

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