How to customize add to cart button in woocommerce

WooCommerce Custom Add to Cart Button

WooCommerce is bundled with many default features absolutely required for your online store. But unfortunately it has very limited capability of customization. We have seen many of our customer asking us more customization power. One of them is a critical “Add to cart” button. For many Add to cart button is very old and they want to attract customer using their innovative styles or texts. Or simply your website does not have cart option at all.

Why to change “Add to cart” button?

There can be many reasons but most common ones are:

  • Offering free products
  • Removing cart page and direct checkouts
  • Digital products
  • Request a quote
  • Just for change

So how to customize “Add to cart” button in WooCommerce?

This simple yet very effective tutorial is for all of them who want to reinvent their “Add to cart” button. If you try and look at Google, you will see many articles dated back and find that it is very cumbersome. Earlier methods used modification of woocommerce codes and stylesheets. For many this is not the ideal way of changing cart button. Furthermore it has disadvantage of repeating same process again when plugin version changes.

But now we have very powerful yet free plugin available at WordPress repository called “WooCommerce Custom Add to Cart Button

Features of this plugin includes:

  • Customize the WooCommerce add to cart button text
  • Adding eye catching icon next to the text
  • Remove the text and just show a cart icon
  • Case sensitive so you can use any type of case


Custom Add To Cart Plugin for WooCommerce is the easiest and free option for customizing your button text. But still it does not give option to change looks of button. We believe that this plugin will soon get more styling options in upcoming updates.

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