WooCommerce Tutorial Part 3- How to Customize Product Page?

Once you are done with initial WooCommerce setup, the most important aspect is to make your product page attractive and powerful. Third step comes in setting up of your store includes customization of WooCommerce Product page and it consist of five different settings parameters. We will be looking at them step by step in this tutorial. At the same time, there are many cool plugins available which can fill in the gaps of woocommerce plugin and give you more deeper settings to customize product page. We will be covering them in our review posts. Customizing woocommerce products display will not only gives you visual advantages but also has many productivity benefits.

Step- 1 : General settings for customizing woocommerce product page

Customize WooCommerce Product Page

There are two major settings in the first section- Measurement and Review. In measurement settings, you can define weighing and dimension units of your physical product. If you are selling digital products, you can simply ignore these settings and move ahead. It is very important to choose appropriate units so that latter you do not face issues with shipping and shipping rate calculations. Also many other extensions like measurement price calculator and flat rate box shipping calculation will be utilizing these settings.

In Product Rating settings, you can define whether you want to show ratings on your product page. Defining ratings for review, making it mandatory for review and who can review are the other settings. We highly recommend to select first three as it will be utilized in rich snippet in google search results. Hence this will help in search engine optimization as well.

Step- 2: WooCommerce products display customization settings


First option is Product and Category display page settings:

Here, you can setup which page will serve as all product listing page. In drop down you will see all pages you created and you can select any one of them. Further, you can select whether to display just products or category as well. After that you have similar settings fro category page display. One important setting is default sorting option. Hence be careful while selecting from various options like sorting based on popularity, rating or price.

You can also initiate ajax functionality for add to cart function on all pages and redirection option here.

Second option is about product images:

Now depending on your preference select size of images on single product page, category display page and thumbnails. You can also activate lightbox functionality for images from this page.

Step-3: WooCommerce Product Inventory Management Settings


This is one of the most important aspect of product page. It covers almost all settings required for any ecommerce store. Hence it requires utmost attention. This settings covers complete stock and inventory management tools and because of that woocommerce is very powerful plugin. You can setup low stock thresholds, low stock notifications, label display if item in low in stock and visibility of items if out of stock. Make sure you deselect Manage stock option is you are selling virtual or downloadable item. And also make sure to select out of stock visibility so that you can avoid unnecessary delay and conflicts with customer.

Step-4: WooCommerce Downloadable Products Display Settings


This settings are only for those who are selling digital, virtual or downloadable products. Settings are very simple and self explanatory. First you can select download method. Here there are three options- force download, X-Accel-Redirect/ X-SendFile and Redirect only. Two other options include when to grant permission for download.

Last settings is Tab Manager settings where you can define whether to allow indexing of tabs content or not.

In Conclusion

WooCommerce Product Settings are one of the major settings area and needs to be given due importance. Also over a period of time, you may need to change some settings if your policies or strategies are changed. So we recommend all store owners to revisit them at least quarterly and make necessary changes. At the same time there are more than hundreds of plugin available for woocommerce product customization. Hence try to look at wordpress repository or woocommerce extensions and look for desired features if they are missing in default woocommerce settings.

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