How to disable reviews in WooCommerce?

Reviews are very much integral part of WooCommerce.It is also very important part and hence we do not recommend to remove this functionality as such. But there are few instances where review system may not make sense and hence many of our customer approached us with this query. We had no clues why and how to do that and so we started looking on google for the best possible answers. While researching the answer, we have realised that there may be more than one scenario and hence we have compiled all of them here for ready reference.

  1. Disable review for few selected products only

This is by far the most asked scenario and probably the easiest way to handle. For that you need to understand basics of review system of WooCommerce. WooCommerce uses comments as the base of reviews and if you can disable comments, you can disable review on particular product. To achieve this simply go to Dashboard> Products section. Search for the required product and use ‘Quick Edit’ tool. Uncheck ‘Allow Comments’ box there and update the changes:


2. Disable reviews sitewide

To achieve this, we have two options. First is to use plugin to remove comments from product post type and second is to use code in functions.php file.  Second one is bit tricky and you will loose code while updating theme. Hence we recommend everyone to use first option only.

There two plugins Disable WooCommerce Reviews and Disable Comments which you can use. First one will remove reviews and reviews tab while second one will remove comments from whole site. If you just want to disable comments on products, please make necessary changes in settings as follows.


3. Disable rating but not reviews

This is very straight forward. Just navigate to WooCommerce> Settings> Products and you will see below settings


Uncheck Enable ratings on reviews if you do not want rating on your store.

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