How to enable geolocation in WooCommerce?

Geolocation is definitely not a new topic but many of our visitors have lot of question regarding it. Just enabling geolocation is not useful but utilizing its power is the major challenge. Over a period of time, we have realized that many of our customers are not even aware that WooCommerce has inbuilt geolocation function. So today, we will be covering a short tip on how to enable geolocation in WooCommerce?

So Why to enable geolocation in WooCommerce?

Geolocation of a visitor or customer gives a country or a regional area of them. This data can be very vital if utilized properly. Furthermore, you can utilize their location and based on that you can change currency, pricing or even payment gateways. Though all features are not available in woocommerce but you can use different plugins. We have recently published article ” Best WooCommerce GeoLocation Plugins“.

How to enable geolocation in WooCommerce?

Once you have installed WooCommerce, go to settings page from WooCommerce menu in admin dashboard. You will see settings page as below


When you click on dropdown settings of “Default Customer Location“, you have four options to choose from. You can either select Geolocate or Geolocate (with page caching support) based on your requirement. It mainly depends on whether or not you are using caching service.

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