WooCommerce Tutorials Part 1- How to install WooCommerce

WooCommerce has been installed on more than 10000000 wordpress installation so far and is grabbing major market share amongst all e-commerce platforms. Ever since, WordPress founder Automatic acquired WooThemes, it has become even more powerful. Now they have a very powerful team of automatic to guide and we are seeing huge amount of development happening in field of woocommerce.

Installing WooCommerce is as such fairly simple procedure and should not take more than 5 minutes of yours. It is very straight forward and chances of making mistakes are also very less. But if you make any mistake, it may trouble you in future specially while creating WooCommerce Pages.

So, here is a tutorial where we will be covering each and every step with pictures so that you do not make any mistakes. And once you follow all these steps, you are almost set to go ahead and create your products.

How to install WooCommerce: Searching for WooCommerce in WordPress Repo

Like other plugins, you have three options to install woocommerce.

  • First one, grab the copy of WooCommerce and install it by uploading through WordPress Add New Plugin screen.
  • Second one, move copy of WooCommerce through FTP into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Third one and easiest one is to directly installing it from WordPress using Plugin dashboard of your website. We will be covering this option in details.
how to install woocommerce-search plugin

Search for WooCommerce in WordPress Repo


  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard and click on Plugin-> Add New
  2. In a search box on your left side, write “WooCommerce” and hit search.
  3. In most cases, WooCommerce will be the first plugin listed in search result. See image below..


how to install woocommerce-install woocommerce1

Click Install Now and woocommerce will be installed directly from WordPress dashboard

How to install WooCommerce: Installing and activating plugin

4. Now Click on Install Now button as shown in above image.

5. WordPress will take some time to download file, unzip it and will take you to following screen.

how to install woocommerce-activating woocommerce

Activate WooCommerce

5. Once you click Activate Plugin, your woocomemrce is installed and ready for your website. But to make your life more easy,       WooCommerce will take you to WooCommerce Setup Wizard.

How to install WooCommerce: WooCommerce Setup Wizard

how to install woocommerce-setup wizard

WooCommerce Setup Wizard will take you step by step and help you setup all basic requirements

6. WooCommerce Setup Wizard and completely optional. But we highly recommend you to complete this wizard during this stage only. It will make your life much easy latter on.

7. This setup wizard has five components and first one is most important of them. So click on Let’s Go and you will be presented with first component which will create different pages for you like cart, checkout, my account etc. Do not skip this step as if you want to create this page later, you may have to play with shortcodes.

How to install WooCommerce: WooCommerce Shop Pages Setup

how to install woocommerce-creating shop pages

Most important step of WooCommerce setup wizard. Do not skip this step.

8. Click continue and woocommerce will finish setting up shop pages. Now it’s time to give more information regarding your store to woocommerce and in next step you will provide information regarding locale of your store.

How to install WooCommerce: Setting up locales in WooCommerce Setup Wizard

how to install woocommerce-store locale setup

Now this is the first time you will be required to provide inputs to WooCommerce. You will be required to give information regarding your store location, currency and how you want to display your numbers and define product dimensions.

9. Once you have provided all necessary information, you can just click Continue and WooCommerce Setup wizard will take you to shipping and tax section.

How to install WooCommerce: Shipping & Taxes for your store

how to install woocommerce-shipping & tax setup

10. Select options based on your requirement and click continue to next step in wizard which is again very important- Payment Gateways.

How to install WooCommerce: Choosing Payment Gateways for WooCommerce

how to install woocommerce-payment gateway setup

Second most important step in wizard. This will help you choose payment gateways.

Choose Payment Gateways as per your requirement. Don’t worry if you do not see your payment gateways here. We have a large collection of payment gateways and you can add them later as you move ahead. Simply select few of them and click continue.

11. You are almost ready with your WooCommerce installation and set to go and create your first product. There are many more settings in WooCommerce but these are most basic and most necessary settings. We will be covering other WooCommerce Settings step by step in our upcoming tutorials.how to install woocommerce-complete setup wizard


Some of the best resources relevant to this tutorial

  1. https://www.shivarweb.com/wordpress-ecommerce-setup/
  2. https://docs.woothemes.com/document/installing-uninstalling-woocommerce/


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