WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension

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Points and Rewards extension for Woocommerce is an excellent way to turn your first customer into regular customer and give them incentive to come back to your shop again and again. Also it increases loyalty to your customer.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension

Version: 1.5.14 Updated: November 9, 2016

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Product Description

WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is one of the must have tool from the woocommerce bundle. We saw many cool plugins starting from creating variety of products to complete revamping your checkout page. So we have almost all kind of extensions to give our customer best possible user experience. But after user experience comes customer retention. And for that we now have a powerful reward system called WooCommerce Points and Rewards.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension can increase customer loyalty

WC has many good plugins to help you achieve customer loyalty but results with this extension are extraordinary. This tool allows you to you reward your customers for purchases and other actions with points which can be redeemed for discounts. You are always in control. Hence you can decide which actions earn points and which do not. Also comes with very nicely designed self explanatory settings where you can define points. Not only global settings but you can also define points per product and categories as well.

It also allows you to control spending of points collected by customer. Some of the cool features of this plugin includes:

  1. Control and define per product points for purchase and discount
  2. Control and define per category points
  3. Easily manage and deduct points from backend.
  4. Allowing customer to earn points on newsletter signup and reviewing.
  5. Customizable front end text displaying customer about how many points they will earn on purchase.
  6. Display total points in My account section of customer

WC Points and Rewards Extension is one of the most popular extension at GPLChimp. We at GPLChimp also use this extension ourselves and have noticed tremendous increase in repeat purchases since we have started using this plugin.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension: Frequently asked questions

How to Install WC Points & Rewards?

First download your copy of Points & Rewards plugin either from My Account page or subscriber tab if you are club member.

  • Go to WordPress Admin
  • Go to Plugins—–Add New—–Upload
  • Choose downloaded file from your PC and click upload.
  • After it finishes upload click on activate plugin link.

That’s all. You are all set to use WC Points & Rewards.

Why Use WC Points and Rewards?

WC Points & Rewards is a great tool that will allow you set up simple yet very interesting reward system in your WC store which will have direct impact on your customers and attract them to purchase more items from you.

When a customer purchases from you, you can give points to him as rewards which can be predefined from backend. You can also customize how much a point is valued and how much discount can be given per reward point. This will have direct impact on your marketing and customer will be delighted to become frequent purchasers at your store.

Plus this plugin gives you all flexibility to decide points per item, category or store wide.

What are the key features of WC Points & Rewards Plugin?

WC Points & Rewards Plugin comes bundled with many exciting features. Some of them are

1) You can customize number of  points that can be earned for individual product purchase and how much a points can be valued for giving a discount. This setting are in the backend and you can define different points for different products.

2) You can also control how much discount one can avail in the cart and checkout. You have all flexibility to define minimum and maximum discount allowed.

3) Not only purchases but you can also reward points for important events like signups, reviews.

4) Your previous purchases can also be included while installing this extensions so your previous customers can also take benefit of reward points and will encourage them for repurchases.

5) Plus you have all various options to change and show reports for various parameters like reward points per customer and use of reward points by customer.

How to setup Points and Rewards Extension after installation?

After installing WC Points & Rewards, it will start appearing at many places. But before start utilizing it, you need to make some basic configuration to make it work properly and as per your requirement.

First go to,

WooCommerce——-> Settings

Here you will see “Points & Rewards” tab along with basic tabs that come with WC.

1) Customize number of  points one can earn for individual product purchase. Also define discount and its equivalent points. This setting are in the backend and you can define different points for different products.


2) Here you will find basic settings you need to customize to use Points & Rewards Extension.

You can configure basic Points settings like points conversion rate, redemption conversion rate, maximum points & points label text.


Below this will be Message settings where you can customize various text messages that will appear on your store like Single Product Point Message so that you customer knows while purchasing, how much points he is going to get. Also you can customize cart and checkout message as well as redemption message. Make sure your message fits well with your requirement and also it encourages customer to use point systems.


Below this is settings to configure points for various actions like signup and reviews. They are very important to grow your customer base.


At the end do not forget to click Save Changes.

So once you finished this setup, your work is almost over and you are ready to take benefit of points & reward system in your woocommerce store.

How to set up WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension for individual product?

WooCommerce Points & Rewards Extension is simply amazing and very versatile as it can let you not only create points globally but also allows you to decide points for individual products as well.

To set up this , you need to enter required details in Add Product Screen.

Simply create new product or edit existing product, in Product Data box, you will find new parameters as shown in below picture.



What are WooCommerce Points and Rewards Extension alternatives in the market?

WooCommerce Points & Rewards Extension is one of the best and is one of the highest download woocommerce extension both at WooThemes & WooGang. But there are quite a few alternatives available. Initially ignitewoo was the only option. SUMO also has come up with one very good alternative.

WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards by IgniteWoo

Loyalty Rewards for WooCommerce by Codecanyon

We have recently published detail article on Best WooCommerce Rewards Plugins

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Vs WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards by IgniteWoo

WooThemes WooCommerce Points & Rewards Extension and WooCOmmerce Loyalty Rewards by Ignitewoo are almost identical to each other and both contains all the features required for routine users. Though if you are a IgniteWoo Gift Certificate Pro user, Loyalty Reward will use this to provide customer reward points as a Gift Certificate. Also Loyalty Rewards comes with predefined Email templates. You can use them to email customer regarding their point status and coupon delivery.

Apart from that they both come with standard features mentioned above.

Does WooCommerce Points & Rewards support use of coupon?

Yes, coupons and this plugin is completely compatible. In fact, this plugin adds one more field to coupon screen called point modifier. Here you can define if use of coupon can modify points earned in anyway. For example if you want to send coupon to your customer that can double the points earned. In this case you can keep coupon amount blank and use points modifier field only.

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