How to remove woocommerce checkout comments field?

Remove Checkout Comments Field from WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes  bundled with extensive checkout fields. For most of us these fields are absolutely necessary and are recommended to be used. But comment field in WooCommerce checkout is kept optional by default and many a times is not being used. So we received many requests to remove it permanently. Here we will be covering available options and their advantages.

So why you need to remove checkout comments from WooCommerce?

There are many reasons to get rid of checkout comments field. Few of the major ones we feel are listed below.

  1. To make WooCommerce checkout page less cluttered.
  2. To simplify checkout page for increasing conversion and fast checkout.
  3. For many is is absolutely not required.
  4. To give less option to buyer so that process become less complicated.

How to remove checkout comments from WooCommerce?

There are mainly two ways to achieve this functionality. First one is to manually enter code into your theme function.php file and second one id to use plugins. For majority of us, i would recommend to use plugins instead of going other way round. Advantage of using using plugin is that you are always in control. You can activate, deactivate and delete plugin a per your requirement.

Checkout comment remover for WooCommerce 

This is the simplest plugin we have seen so for and does exactly only this function. After installing the plugin, there are no settings. Yet it will completely remove comment field from your checkout page. In future, if you ever need comment field, just deactivate the plugin and your comment field will reappear.

WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor

This one is a major checkout field editor plugin and you get many powerful options. After installation, you have extensive settings options. You can edit all fields and not just checkout comments using this extension.


Removing checkout comments from WooCommerce is basically a very simple. You can grab one of the above plugin and can achieve this function within minutes. If you still need to play with codes and require code for your functions.php file, leav comment below and we will send you exact code.

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