How to speed up your WooCommerce shop blazing fast using CDN

WordPress and WooComemrce are amazing work of PHPs and are one of the powerful CMS nowadays to create online store and the best part of them are that anyone virtually anyone without any experience can also take advantage of them. WordPress as such has been upgraded many times to make it more simple and fast as much as possible. But many of online stores are still hosted on shared hosting environments and are relying on limited resources offered by them and hence face web site speed challenges.

We few months back had a survey on our website as all of our customers are using WordPress and WooCommerce to empower their online store and hence they serve as perfect sample to see how these two together runs on their existing servers. And not surprisingly, almost 85% of our participants were not at all satisfied with the speed of their website. Further majority of them still were not ready to move to VPN or Dedicated server due to high costings.

At the same time we also looked at other places as well to look for evidences of similar surveys if any and there are many discussions all over net to suggest same. WooCommerce is a such a quite a big and complex script which consumes lot of memory when hosted on shared hosting. Though they claim that WooCommerce supports infinite products but the more the numbers of products you have it will start throttling your servers specially on low cost hosting provider.

So the best way would be to switch your hosting provider and either go for Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server with more resources. But they are not cheap and comes with big price tags. So we decided to look into different cheaper ways of enhancing speed of WooCommerce Stores hosted on various shared hosting environments. And first one amongst the best ways are using a Content Delivery Networks.

So How does this CDN works?

Basically Content Delivery Networks in simple words are huge network with server lying all over the world. So when your visitor sends query for your webpage some of the resource heavy files like images, css and scripts are rendered to them from server which is closest to them. his will have two advntages: one is that as datas will have to travel less so speed will be more and second one is that as half of the load of your server has been taken over by CDN so your server also work faster. Ultimately your visitor will see your website without delay and throttle.

As you can see that now a days all woocomemrce stores usually host thousands of products and with tens of thousands of variations. And all these variations have their connected images and product data. So when a single product page is rendered, along with that atleast manyof the images are being requested along with graphic heavy themes files and various other plugins. So it will be quite aperformance jump if you can divert these resource heavy files to CDN.

Which is the best and most affordable CDN we recommend?

WooCommerce MaxCDN

As such like hosting companies, there are many many Content Delivery Networks as well and it becomes bit complicated if we look at all of them on one page and hence we have decided to analyse the best one for you and give you list of best of it has to offer:

We have decided to shift WooGang Club to MaxCDN after testing 5 different CDNs in last one year and here is why we have  decided to stick to MaxCDN:

  1. First and fore most that they have a free trial so before you jump into and pay someone, here you can try yourself and see if CDN really is what you are looking for.
  2. They have the cheapest plans starting from $9 per month which should suffice for almost 90% of our visitors but have high end plans as well. So you can start low and upgrade slowly with rise in traffic and content on your website.
  3. It is one of the most simple and user friendly CDN and particularly for our visitors who are using WordPress. There are very good plugins compatibility like W3 Chache and MaxCDN own plugin which makes installation and set up very easy. You will be up and running on CDN in just 2 minutes.
  4. They have a very huge network of server so you will get same performance for any visitor across globe.
  5. Very good realtime reporting and monitoring regarding server status and visitor informations.
  6. One of the fastest customer support staff.

We are not here to promote MaxCDN and are not saying that other CDNs are not good. There are quite a few like Amazon AWS, MetaCDn and WordPress own CDN available and are reasonable good but MaxCDN is recommended for the one who are just starting with CDN and wants to start at low point before jumping with big guys and pay hefty fees.

Check out MaxCDN Now


MaxCDN is the recommended content delivery network for all kind of online store owners using WordPress and WooCommerce to run their businesses. It ranks on top of other competitors in terms of price, flexibility in implementation, server network and compatibility and ease of use with wordpress.

This is what one of the biggest expert of WordPress SEO has to say about MaxCDN

“I’ve long relied on MaxCDN’s services to speed up my site for visitors from all over the world and couldn’t imagine running my site without them.”

Joost de Valk  |  CEO,

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