Why you need Responsive theme for your WooCommerce store

For each and every store owner, Google is of prime importance as for majority of us it is the main source of traffic and for many may be the only source of traffic. There has been tremendous discussions all over web how to develop other sources of traffic specially social media like twitter, facebook etc. But to sum up, we can never forget Google and for next few years going forward will remain on top of list of your traffic analytics.

What we all like about Google is its transperancy. What does that mean? It means that it tells you what to do to please its search engine and our experience also confirms that if you follow all guidelines recommended by them, you will see on top of others who are not following their guidelines. To read these simple and easy to follow guidelines click here.

Now, to the main point: On 26th February 2015 Google officially announced following

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

So what does that mean?

WooCommerce Mobile Friendly

If you look at the above picture, you will notice that when someone searches from their smartphone or smart devices, google clearly mentions weather or not website is mobile friendly and starting above mentioned date, it will also give preference to those websites and will show them on top of others who are not mobile friendly. Now as Google has officially announced we can not ignore it. And this should be on top of your list for your webstore now.

Not only that Google has also given very comprehensive guidelines about do’s and don’ts for the same. So here is basic we want everyone to keep in mind before moving ahead.

First Step

How to know weather your website is Mobile Friendly or not?

Mobile Friendly Test has been developed by Google for you to test your website. Once you enter your page URL and hit Analyse, you will see clear cut results like below



Now if your website is Mobile friendly, just enjoy. But make sure having only home page mobile friendly does not mean you are done. You need to test each and every page of your website to see if any one of them is having any issues.

Second Step

Check for your WordPress and Theme

Now go to your wordpress Admin and check weather you are using the latest version of wordpress or not. If not first update your wordpress core to latest version. Make sure you back up your wordpress completely before upgrade. After that check weather or not your WordPress Theme has any updates. If updates available, do upgrade and check for Mobile Friendly Test to see if that makes any difference to results. Now if your website is still not mobile friendly, it is a time to do major over haul and may be requiring changing a theme completely.

Third Step

Choose new Responsive WordPress Theme

Now this is not a big task for any one. Below is a comprehensive list of best of Responsive WordPress Themes which are 100% compatible with Google Search Engine as well as WooCommerce. As such wordpress.org has bunch of responsive themes available on its own repository but if you are looking for some powerful themes with great looks and customization capabilities, you can look at following resources.

ThemeForest Responsive ThemesThemeForest 

Avada, X Theme, 7Themes and Enfold are some of the best in market and should be able to satify everyone’s requirements. And not only that they are backed with real world developers who are working hard to improve their features so you are future proof as well.  You can grab one of them here.

Mojo Themes Responsive ThemesMojo Themes

Its almost similar to above one and also offers hundreds of themes.

Above two market place are highly recommended ones available and we highly recommend choosing appropriate theme from them instead of getting in to a trap of free wordpress themes which do not have any update guarantee.


Before you jump to purchase any of the product please keep in mind following basic guidelines which have been recommended by Google and will have impact on your search engine ranking:

  1. Always try to make your header image and navigation menu short and simple. Do not clutter menus with hundreds of links
  2. Give user search option which shows short simple and relevant search results
  3. For ecommerce website- try to make checkout process as simple as possible, give buyer required information before they can commit to buy
  4. Do not clutter checkout page with form fields requiring unnecessary informations
  5. Always use simple input methods and use caledars and date selector whenever possible
  6. Avoid pinch to zoom, make text clearly visible on any sort of devices, do not ask for location if not required etc..
  7. Try avoiding use of unnecessary flash, java scripts, advertisements and banners.
  8. Test Speed of your website and try to improve its speed on all sort of devices as they are equally important for search engine ranking.

Now if you look at them, these are very easy guidelines to follow and by following them you can gain a huge advantage over your competitors.


WordPress and WooCommerce are as such best extensions available right now which are already optimised to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization and adding a mobile friendly feature to your existing store will boost your search engine ranking further specially for mobile devices users. This will not consume more than 1 hour of your time and may give you a great boost and hence we highly recommend every woocommerce store owner to start using responsive theme.


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